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is the RelaXXbonusplan about?



The RelaXXbonusplan is a precious metal savings plan which enables you to build a precious metal portfolio from as little as £30 a month. In addition we guarantee a 9.5% On-Top-Bonus on each monthly contribution until the end of the term of the contract. The whole plan is completely free of charges. – Unbelievable but true!
See for yourself the unbeatable advantages of the RelaXXbonusplan


can i become a RelaXXbonusplan customer?



We created the online platform so as to make the RelaXXbonusplan as easy as possible for everyone to access. In your personal RelaXXbonusplan-Online-Custody-Account you can see your current precious metal holdings and follow closely the development of your gold and silver portfolio 24/7. Transparency is important!
Find out how easy it is to start your RelaXXbonusplan gold and silver portfolio


should people invest in precious metals?



Gold and silver provide inflation protection and have for generations proved to be stores of value. Both precious metals can be easily exchanged for any currency at anytime anywhere. Gold and silver have survived economic crises, currency reforms and even national bankruptcies and always maintained their purchasing power!
Today it is even more important than ever to possess physical gold and silver. Here are more compelling reasons to convince yourself.